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A blurted suddle point or opinion that has some basis of truth but is usually derogatory in nature. Usually given by hard harted persons just to gain social acceptance at the expense of others.

Sometimes reffered to as parasite.
Joe thinks he's cool. But I hate hanging arround a social parasite.
by RJ September 04, 2004
is someone who is gay
george michael is a bettyboy
by rj March 30, 2005
used in a song by the connecticut band Death Threat on the god and government record. a way to say good bye eps. used by people in ct or in hardcore.
3-4-5-6-7-LATES -- from the death threat song

"im going bro, lates"
by rj March 09, 2005
a fat fuckin person who eats too much food
Margaret, you're such a fucking SOW!!
by RJ November 06, 2003
brotherhood--elite--the best
the bh pwnz j00--bh are better
by RJ September 24, 2004
Nasty Sperm Build-up. Often used by guys when explaining it's been awhile since they've had sex.
I'm too tired to go out tonight, but damn do I have NSB.
by RJ August 12, 2005
A Nintendo fanboy, who denies it.

Has a firm conviction that Nintendo listen to gamers, when blatently they don't.

Thinks Mario Sunshine is great, and would love a controller with just one big, simple button, for his slow, simple mind.

A total twunt.
Look at that prat. He's a complete Sheikah!

*bursts out laughing*
by RJ February 19, 2005
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