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an abbreviated form of the word "douche bag" usually describing one is annoying, stupid, decitful, or asshole like in manner.
Evan is the master dbag.
What a dbag.
Quit being a dbag.
by RJ McNamara March 19, 2003
Slang term for scrotum (ball sack).
Turk is a total yambag.
by RJ McNamara April 03, 2004
a more profane version of finkleberry
You stupid finkleroy.
by RJ McNamara March 19, 2003
The garb of clothing a nun wears over her underwear adorned with razor sharp blades and spikes to prevent entry.
All nuns wear fandooglers.
by RJ McNamara April 11, 2004
1.slang term for scrotum (ball sack).
2. dirty,grimy,foul etc.
1.Oh shit I got hit in the grundle.
You fuckin' grundle.

2. That chick is grundle.
Ew, my clothes are so grundle.
by RJ McNamara April 03, 2004

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