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the hidden and ungodly strength one gets while being drunk. also associated with being incredibly stubborn while drunk.
I tried to rip the beer mug out of Pat's hand, but couldn't due to his insane drunk strength!

I couldn't remove Pat's arm from around my neck because of his incredible drunk strength!
by RGI September 24, 2007
In the drinking game "Kings," the Thumb Master is the player who is in charge of signalling when someone must drink. At any point during the game, the Thumb Master can put his thumb on the playing surface (table) or forehead. Everyone else must also do this, and the last person that does it has to drink. One is bequeathed this role when he pulls a 10 (or whichever card is deemed). The Thumb Master rules until the next person pulls a 10, in which the new person inherits the title.
I wasn't paying attention when the Thumb Master put his thumb on the table; therefore I had to drink!
by RGI June 05, 2007
One who must beta test everything before it comes out.
Scott was in his room all night playing with OSX Leapord. He's such a master-beta tester.
by RGI September 28, 2007
To sing the vocal part in the game Rock Band. Usually involves flamboyant and incredibly addicting singing. Can be used in other settings of fake musical performances.
Dude, when is it my turn to flamjam?

Lets go down to Del's and flamjam tonight.
by RGI February 17, 2008
The submission finishing move of John Cena. This hold is known in professional wrestling as the Stepover Toehold Sleeper (STS) and innovated by Masahiro Chono. The wrestler performs a stepover toehold and wraps his arm around the neck of the opponent as in a sleeper hold.
John Cena made Batista tap out when he applied the STFU.
by RGI May 14, 2007
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