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A 'vegetarian' who eats fish, seafood, and/or chicken.
I had lunch with a bunch of hypocritarians. We went to Itsu and they ate more sashimi than I did, while they were louding on about how healthy it is to be vegetarian.
by REMwoman November 22, 2007
Speaking in a deliberately carrying voice in a public place about something you think will make you appear to be really cool if you are overheard.
On the Tube this afternoon, a pair of Essex blowup dolls were louding on about how painful it was to have their labia pierced.
by REMwoman November 22, 2007
The bandwidth of the odor-producing activity you are engaged in, or product you are wearing.
God, that ho's Impluse-and-Camels stink path is a half-block in every direction!
by REMwoman December 14, 2007

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