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One of the greatest games of all time, Kirby Super Star isn't just one game. It's jam-packed with nine different games. All of the games are original in their own way, and incredibly fun due to the awesome gameplay mechanics. The gameplay is simple. Walk, run, jump, swim, and attack. This game is best played with a second person, using the "helper" system to create an ally to help you defeat the baddies. The nine different games are:

1. Spring Breeze - Stop King Dedede from stealing all of Dream Land's food! An easy game for beginners, where the "copy" system is first learned.

2. Dyna Blade - Dyna Blade is destroying all the crops! Travel to Dyna Blade's mountain to defear her! Slightly harder than Spring Breeze, but more fun. There are two secret rooms where you can find all the abilities Kirby can use.

3. Gourmet Race - King Dedede challenges Kirby to a race. Race to the finish line while collecting the most food at the same time!

4. The Great Cave Offensive - Kirby is trapped in a cave! Help Kirby escape, while collecting as many treasures as possible. See if you can collect all 60!

5. Revenge of Meta-Knight - Meta-Knight is attempting to take over Dream Land with the Halberd! You must stop him! This game has a time limit, so if you don't complete it in time, you could lose a life!

6. Milky Way Wishes - Stop the Sun and Moon from fighting! Go to all seven planets and use the dream fountains to summon the comet NOVA, so he can grant your wish! This game has no copy, but you collect pedestals, so you can use whatever abilities, whenever you want, as long as you collected it.

7. Megaton Punch - A simple timing minigame. Try to make the power meter reach the maximum, make the crosshairs up, and time the pendulum perfectly!

8. Samurai Kirby - A game to test your reflexes. Face off against the computer or another person to see who has the best reflexes!

9. Super Secret Game - Available only after you finish Milky Way Wishes. That's all I'm going to say.
Kirby Super Star is one of the greatest games of all time. Get a friend, and you'll see.
by REDPill357 February 13, 2007

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