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9 definitions by RED I

a pop rock band from denver.
the fray are a band from denver colorado.
by RED I June 27, 2006
401 102
a delicious holiday beverage made from eggs cream and lots of other stuff.
doctor:code blue eggnog overdose!
nurse:how bad is it?
doctor: he drank 30 kg of it.
by RED I July 08, 2006
235 58
A funny term used by Edmontoinans when Calgary loses a hockey game to them.
Oh man Keane was so mad that the Calgary Flamers lost to The Oilers.
by RED I May 16, 2006
104 36
a chemical based IED, made useing a chlorine based substance like bleach and a catalyst such as ammonia, pinesol, or rubbing alcohol. A clorine bomb's container is often a plastic pop bottle, and the pnumatic pressure the freed cholrine gas exerts on the bottle causes a powerful explosion and chlorine gas cloud.
when i set off a Chlorine bomb in the feild, it left a 3m wide circle of dead grass.
by RED I May 13, 2006
70 15
Drinking the biggest slushie to can find(usually the one bigger than your head) in as little time possible.
Spenny tried a frozen suicide at the Husky in Morinville.
by RED I May 07, 2006
44 1
Another word for terrorist, as they mostly are fat white religious fanatics, who seem hellbent on distroying the USA.
Man Bush is a Republicanist.
by RED I May 21, 2006
58 17
A fun fast paced rock band based in canada
the salads wrote that song "today is your lucky day" and several other fun lighthearted songs
by RED I October 22, 2006
35 8