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A cast iron cooking pot of the kind hung over open fire.
The now (in?)famous Musical Youth lyrics were changed from 'Pass the Kutchie(joint)' to 'Pass the Dutchie' to make them acceptable to prudish American radio stations.
by Ras September 25, 2003
To look fit enough to go to a Reggie and the Full Effect show
Do I look reggiefied enough to go to the Reggie and the Full Effect show?
by RAS August 26, 2003
A miniaturised African Wild Dog, with extended eyelashes and butterfly wings, with a tendency to drool over lovesongs and spread happiness and joy.
Oh my god, it's that flutterdog, Aidan!
by Ras August 27, 2003
The original home of a crew known as 'the flamers', first found at TLK Muck but now living on a Muck of their own.
Hey, who's on in the Flame Room at the moment?
by Ras August 27, 2003
1) the male genitalia, usually used to describe a large penis.
I proceeded to insert the pink monster into her vagina.
by RAS July 06, 2004
the illest page on asian avenue and iz betta than sl1ck-n
13litz_011 iz a tuff payge
by RaS April 30, 2003
A visual description of embaressment or uncomfort.
A: So yeah... I think you're cute.
B: ^_^! How can you say that, you've never met me...
by Ras May 16, 2004
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