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2 definitions by RAOBEY

Used to show dominance, a position of power or authority. Used in a sense of treating someone like a pet, or slave in the eyes of their master when they want or need something from you.
Allison: Love, can you turn the tv down I'm trying to put baby to sleep?

Cory: Go lay down bitch, I'm watching the office!
by RAobey May 06, 2009
1. To physically carry a human into the Rose Garden and hold them there to see Oksana debut her new album live.

2. To kill and burry your wife, girlfriend, or babies momma because she doesn't love you and you deserve to be blown.
Nicole Brown Simpson: Hey Babe my friend Ronald Goldman and I are going to go make some grilled cheese sandmmiches at my place, you want me to save ya one?

OJ Simpson: You fucking cunt you better not.... I swear to God I'll drive over there and put you in the rose garden, I'm capable!
by RAOBEY July 16, 2010