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1) Pretty much the best clarinet player in the whole world. This status may or may not have been achieved by hours and hours of sitting alone in the corner of a dark room practicing.

2) Somebody who thinks they're black despite the fact that they're actually from India, and therefore are no blacker than Stephen Chow.

3) Someone with the ability to grow an afro on their chin as well as their head, usually within the span of only a few days.

4) Anybody who thinks that they're the most awesome person ever to walk the earth, and that all the ladies want them.
1) "Wow, I wish I were more like Chuck! He's pretty much the best clarinet player in the whole entire world!" *shoulder grope*

2) "Jesus, Chuck, stop telling me how black people high-five each other! You AREN'T really black!"

3) "Have you touched Chuck's chin-fro lately?" "Yeah. That shit's fuzzy."

4) "Dude, your drawing of a frog is terrible. Stop being such a Chuck and telling all those women how great it is."
by RAGNAAAAAAR! June 18, 2010
A strange and magical place, which typically can only be reached through either a combination of large amounts of shrooms and the use of portable toilets, or prolonged exposure to the transcendent music of the band Phish. Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio was the first to describe the back of the worm; during a show in Amsterdam in 1997, in the middle of a creepy, ambient jam called Wormtown, Anastasio described to the audience his experience of being sucked into a public urinal and riding around on the back of giant worms. Very few others have been lucky enough to experience The Back of the Worm, but most of the people who have did so at Phish concerts.
I think you know where you are. ...YOU'RE ON THE BACK OF THE WORM! Seriously, though, stay away from those portable toilets in Amsterdam.
by RAGNAAAAAAR! June 18, 2010
The act of somebody placing a hand on the opposing shoulder, and then leaving it there, as if fondling their own shoulder blade. People usually shoulder-grope themselves while discussing their accomplishments or positive traits (often with a sentence beginning "I'm pretty much the best..."), and it is therefore regarded as a narcissistic celebration of one's own awesomeness. On occasion, both hands are employed, giving the shoulder-groper the appearance of somebody hugging themselves because they have no friends.
I don't mean to brag, but *shoulder grope* I'm pretty much the best clarinet player in the whole entire school.
by RAGNAAAAAAR! June 18, 2010

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