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A spasticated, wannabe, faggotmobile civilian copycat military vehicle.
''Damn lad, what the fuck you doing in that? Where'dya nick it? The RAF base? You fuckin pussy!''
by rafa May 06, 2003
An 8-bit console comprising of two internal modulators. Known to make hardcore techies and hackers very horny when found disused in lofts and cellars.
Sega master system, sega gamegear, Neo-Geo.
by rafa May 06, 2003
A woman who lies about their sexual appetite.

Adj; One who pretends they are still a virgin when they fuck negro's.
by rafa May 06, 2003
An object used for self pleasing by 90% of modern women, usually plastic/resin and shaped like an oversized phallus. Mans worst enemy.
''How did you know I had one? Shit! You've been watching my online transactions again!''
by rafa May 06, 2003
v. t. to have sex with; intercourse
I need to blade tonight or my balls are gonna explode.
by rafa June 30, 2004
Good pair of Breasts
"did you see her bays", "Hey,nice bays", "she had no bays"
by RAFA May 31, 2003
In Puerto Rico, we call "perreo" the rap dance.
"A mi me gusta el 'perreo'"
by Rafa March 09, 2003

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