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1.) In general, a person thought of as a stooge; a poser; a tool.

2.) A stooge; a poser; a tool possessing a combination of shoes, pants, shirts, socks, underwear, a computer, very large ego, an instatiable ability to misspell insatiable, and create run-on sentences.
Deep down in the parts of their minds that, um... yeah, whatever, lost train of thought apparently. Every woman knows that RADMAN is teh poser.
RADMAN is a real tool.
by RADMAN's Mom March 08, 2005
Regardless of it's supposed claim to Yiddish origins, it is currently in use as an extremely gay ebonic 'attempt' at cool, which has failed miserably. Similar to computer geek nonsense words such as; pr0n, hax0r, r0x0r, 1337, which have all fallen short of cool, and condemned the users of these words to the realms of ultimate gayness. These somewhat childish attempts at creating clever clique lingo always fall short and only serve to embarass the users at a later date, particularly when the next generation comes up with it's own crop of inane attemtps, rendering the current attempts passe.
There is good gay, and then there is bad gay. The Brady Bunch was and is bad gay. David Hasselhoff was and is bad gay, as is referring to David Hasselhoff as 'The Hoff'. Very bad gay indeed, like crunk.
by radman's mom December 12, 2005

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