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means "brother" in the Armenian language. Often used by any Armenian male person referring to a stranger that they just met.
armenian: aper, mi hat papiros's kvares? (can u light my cig, brother?)
armenian 2: ba vonc aper (of course, brother)
by RABIZ November 15, 2004
an armenian girl that has many brothers, cousins, and armenian guy friends that protect her. if u just talk to her, u can actually get ur ass beaten badly. u have to know her brother or cousin close as a real brother just to go out with her. she's usually shy and very pretty, wears makeup and has gucci or tommy bag, wears the most expensive perfume, is virgin until her marriage, and usually with other people. u will never see her alone.
guy: barev kurik (hey sister)
proper armenian girl: barev (hey)
by RABIZ November 15, 2004
Armenian word meaning stupid, messed-up, or something that doesn't make sense. Used by many rabiz people.

rabiz: ara et inch tufta mekena es kshum? (hey what messed-up car are you driving?)
vtec: bro jan, it's a honda crx.
by RABIZ November 15, 2004
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