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Based on the name of a former Isreali Prime Minister - Yitzhak Riben.

Used in jest to describe a 'nugget'.
Shut the fck up Nutsac Rabin!!!
by ra November 26, 2003
Unsavoury 'indiginy' from south-central Canberra
I saw bubbles at the shops last night and I asked him for a lift and he said 'get fuck'd' ... so mom, don't give him a cigga or beer again.

Fuck bubbles!
by ra November 25, 2003
like phat but with more emphasis
seen that ecko shirt yo.. dat shit was ked
by ra August 13, 2003
An emo who plays counter-strike, the weakest link in his team.
I am Heaton. I like Nike.
by RA October 11, 2006
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