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13 definitions by RA

Inhaling the fumes from when you light a fire under crushed up pills.
"Hey Pac-Man, what's up?"
"Me, you bitches! I'm high on crack! Wanna freebase?"
"No Pac-Man. Drugs are bad!"
by RA January 28, 2005
Full-up-ready-to-burst (mostly relating to harddisks)
Damnit my harddisk is gonna FURTB
by RA March 04, 2004
Crawling On The Floor Laughing Guts Out and Have A Heart Attack
Use it if you like something lengthy*
by RA March 04, 2004
aka pin-stripes.
They're some crazy pimp-stripes you're wearing there.
by ra November 26, 2003
The largest theme park in Hong Kong.
im gonna go to didineyland latta
by RA December 04, 2006
when you drink or smoke to much and get that hangover or just fucked up feelin
ayo i killed dat whole bottle i'm mul
by ra August 13, 2003
Unwanted, disliked, not welcomed; usually forced upon someone by figures of authority.

Can be used in place of similar words to signify dislike, i.e. Instead of 'Help-desk' you could use 'Hat-Desk'
He shits on our heads and we say thanks for the hat!

Chewy is the HAT!
by ra November 26, 2003