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one of the most amazing plants in the world, that is used to get high, for me it makes everything goofy and funny and makes me think everythihng is perfect. also may make colors brighter. can be smoked or put in cookies, browwines, or whatever. it is usually 10 bucks a gram, can be more depending on quality. often called bud because thats the part you smoke (seeds and stems are bad to smoke) other names include; pot, grass, herb, ganga, marijuana, cannibis, trees, alpine, and like a thousand more. different types are straight weed, chronic, purple haze, ak-47, hydro, middies, headies, blueberry sticky, also more. you simply smoke it, enjoy it, and get fucked up with it.
DudeGuy-man i need weed.
BudMan-aight whatchya need?
DudeGuy-just somethin to get me fucked and feelin right....
BudMan-right here i got like 5 grams of the sticky
DudeGuy-aww fuck yes!
by R9A14M September 27, 2007

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