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is when you stick your dick in a womans
mouth and bang in it as hard or as soft
as you like -note she has to have very strong neck muscles.
you have to be on top as if you are in a missionary position but you have to have your dick in her mouth and bam off until you bust a nut :) use ky jelly....
by R8D-X March 21, 2003
this is an alterative or modification of the missionary position say if your girlfriend or wife think that you are boring in the bed.. and that the missionary position is to common or in other words ain't shit. what you do is rest her on her back take both of her legs and put your arms under her thighs, lift her legs up to the point where your both of your hands meet, lock your hands together an do the (JACKHAMMER DRIVE)this alows for better penetration and faster strokes..
by R8D-X March 21, 2003

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