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A type of "Music" that is very popular among the adolescent urban-youth demographic, more often than not portraying crime and "life in poverty", which is just a poor excuse. Some of the other definitions on the site say it's "poetry", and to give "2pac" and Eminem a try. Here is an example why "2pac" isn't poetry.
"The first one jumped out and said, "Freeze!"
I popped him in his knees and shot him, punk.. please.."
2pac, Song: Crooked Ass Nigga.
Case in point. If "not all Rap is about crime", then why does 2pac portray killing the police? Rap is barely synced to music, Where Music syncs to notes and sheet music, so long as the rap "artist" and the "band" start at the same time, It's apparently OK. Also, Rap fans say that Rap is great, yet it constantly shows a racism that, strangely, is widely accepted.
"Criminal behaviour
Criminal, criminal, crim
Crim-criminal behaviour
Criminal beha.. crima-crima-crima
Crim-crim, criminal behaviour
Criminal behaviour.."
Crim-crim, criminal? I don't remember Edgar Allen Poe using that rhyming scheme, most likely because he produced real POETRY. Rap is not music, stop saying it is. Many white people grow up in poverty, Myself included, but that doesn't mean we like to listen to someone talk about it.
Rapguy: Yo, check dis fly beat, bitch.
Me: Sorry, what?
Rapguy: Shizzle.
Me: No Thanks, I'm clean.
Rapguy: Cracka.
Me: Uhh, OK.
by R4300i November 18, 2005

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