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When someone both get's drunk and high at the same time, just as the rapper 'Schoolboy Q' famously does and promotes.
Often cited as one of the greatest feelings ever.
Herbert: Yo man you drinking tonight?
Quincy:Yeah bruh and smoking that fine kush
Herbert: Bruh you pulling a schoolboy?
Quincy: Weed and Brews bruh, ya danno
#drunk #high #weed #schoolboy q #alcohol #weed & brews
by R.dot October 23, 2013
1) A popular last name among natives
2) In the late 1200's a war took place on a patch of grass and that patch of grass is known today as "the spot" or " the warland"
3) A tall, overweight white, plale ugly as shit girl that resembles a gremlin
1) "ogga chaka ogga chacka warrrrrrlandddddddddd boom boom oggaoogaooga"

2) maddie: "yooo im gunna go get baked in "the spot"
justine: "oh fuck you mean warland?" " i got halfbaked there afew nights ago"
hannible " hisssss mmmm i smell your blood, wouldnt that just make a lovely after meal hisss"
hannible "Oh Hisssssss *sighhhhhhh*"
#war #land #justine #warrr #landd #rachel #jew
by r.dot October 06, 2007
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