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Short for labia (female genitalia)
"Hmmm....interesting, your labs are shaped like butterfly wings!"

"You can tell how big her nasty labs are when she wears those tight jeans-someone should tell her"
by R.Trelford March 05, 2004
Endearing nickname
"S'up Dogdick?"

"Shave your choda lately Dogdick-you stupid twit bastard?"
by R.Trelford March 05, 2004
Just before you drop a load it probably looks very similar to a turtle poking his head out of his shell. There is always some hang time involved wheter it be a couple of seconds or up to half a minute.

The point at which there is no turning back, you are completely committed to dropping a solid stanky nasty load - but, it has not completely come out.
"I need to go dump now-I've got a turtle pokin'-where is the fricken shitter in this effen campsite!!"

"Hey buddy, I think your kid has a turtle pokin in the back of his bathing suit--can you get him out of the effen pool?"
by R.Trelford March 08, 2004
Multiple meanings/purposes;(1) Feeling creeped out by someone or something , Gives you the "willies". (2)Makes your hair stand on end.

You may also say "hibbly jibblies"
(1)Man, the Exorcist gives me the hibbly jibblies! (2) It's so cold out I'm getting the hibbly jibblies!
by R.Trelford March 04, 2004
A substitute for the word "fucking"
Would be used for descriptive purposes(adjective).
ie: "You effen bastard!" or "I hate this effen burger!"or even "You little effen biotch!"
by R.Trelford March 03, 2004
Used to describe to a buddy what your fantasy or intentions are when you see a smokin piece of ass. Mainly in regards to standing behind a woman, gently pushing her forward so that while she is standing she bends forward giving you full access for Doggystyle delight! Rather than actually saying "Oh man that chick is hot! I would love to get behind that ass and pound it all night long!" You just say "Bent!"
All one needs to say is simply "Bent"
Your buddy should clue in to what you are talking about, without the both of you being so obvious while in close proximity of the "bendee."

by R.Trelford March 04, 2004

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