1 definition by R.G.S. Master

Acronym meaning "Rough Gangsta Sex." R.G.S. is characterized by rough sex, porno style, that involves various smacks to any body part, undignified shit talking, and rough pounding for the vagina or anus. Although rough gangsta sex is meant to be violent and destructive do not confuse it for rabbit fucking. R.G.S. must last a minimun of 30mins and all thrusts must have a consistant rhythm, no thrusting as fast as ou possibly can.
Ex.1 John R.G.S. his girlfriend so hard last night she got a carpet burn and they never touched the floor.

Ex.2 Ernest R.G.S. his girl so hard she drove 4 hours to come see him.
by R.G.S. Master February 10, 2011

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