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Term used by loggers and forest workers which means to gather together(usually at 4 0r 5 AM) and enter vehicles to travel to a remote work location. The crew truck or bus is the "crummy".
Let's crummy up at 3:30 in front of the Forst Service Office.We''ll drive up to the units from there.
by R.F. O'Boyle May 11, 2006
Totally worthless, an attempt without effort or any noticeable result . A slipshod or thrown together attempt. Alt. An unforeseen mishap: a car wreck, pregnancy, drug bust, a bad inspection(tree planting)
Crew Boss, "Jose and Bid Dog got busted and won't be able to crummy up on Monday."

Contractor," My two best planters in Jail.. ain't that no bueno, no bueno for shit.
by R.F. O'Boyle May 11, 2006

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