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3 definitions by R.B.A

the act of when you are angry towards a specific gender depending on their sexual preferance nd the thought of doin somethin harsh is evident
worlds in trouble anytime buju banton comes around botty boy get up nd run gunshotneyback-BUJU BANTON,BOOM BYE BYE
by R.B.A March 02, 2008
5 2
a word said in extreme excitement or 2 either represent a hard punch,poot,or if u step in a big puddle nd splash on someone
lex-piyow!! (steps in large punndle)

random guy walkin by-dnt do tht shit again lil nigga!
by R.B.A March 05, 2008
3 7
to savagely hook or punch an annoyin person for example your friendly neighborhood rapper`
jroc & basco: we hate mtown rappers

d-dot & smeegs: we the best in the world we smoked blunts wit donald trump

*jroc hooks d-dot(gronk) nd basco gronks smeegs
by R.B.A March 05, 2008
5 11