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based on the rapper tony yayo's verse from the g-unit mixtape song 'fat bitch'.

a man who is open to sexual activities with any female regardless of her physical appearance.

a nasty freak.
i ain't no trick. i ain't have to borrow with my wallet.
freakin off in your car, on your closet.
it ain't nothing wrong wit a big, strong girl.
if you can cook your ass off, i'll give you the world.
you can be skinny or fat, white or black.
nigga pussy is pussy, so yeah i'll hit that.
i'm a freak, sure i love menage a trois.
and i really care less if you twice my size.
*tony yayo (fat bitch, verse 3)

A: i heard you tossed sheqwanduh's salad. aint she like 300 lbs?
B: yea. and?
A: maaan, you nasty. you a TONY YAYO.
by R. Neeto May 13, 2006

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