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2 definitions by R. Dizzle

A cool guy, one of smooth attributes and a baby face. Attracts women with his calm attitude, but won't hesitate to say something funny when the time arises.
"Woah, dude, look, it's Milez! And he's doing your girlfriend!"
by R. Dizzle January 16, 2005
33 22
1)to boo something which is 'boo-worthy'

2)to disagree or to not comply with
kid 1- "what a corny fuck'n joke, boo that, boo this man."
Everybody- "boooooo. . .booo." (chop,chop,chop)


Kid 1- "Dude you shouldn't date that Chinese chick, you might get the SARS."
Kid 2- "Boo that, I've got the yellow fever, I need some China beaver"
by R. Dizzle June 17, 2004
15 12