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Crony Mingler
cro•ny (krô'nç)
A longtime close friend or companion.
Possibly from Greek khronios, long lasting, from khronos, time.

min•gler (mĭng'gəlr)
n., pl. -ers.
One who joins or take part with others: The minglers mingled with their cronies.
Middle English menglen, frequentative of mengen, to mix, from Old English mengan.

Croney mingler refers to groups of people who gather in public areas and occupy space without an ostensible purpose. This term most often refers to people between the ages of 12 and 20, the unemployed and or trustees who coalesce in public places such as shopping centres, parks, or cafés. Crony mingling can also be quite prevalent in areas that have heavy tourist traffic, i.e., beach towns, ski towns or small historical towns where bored aimless locals are attracted by a continual influx of non-locals with whom they can interact for entertainment value. Often this interaction is one sided and involves incredulous looks, smirks and a palpable air of their own coolness that radiates around an approximate twenty foot radius of any given space where they stand. Crony minglers are generally harmless and if treated with caution and respect can often be quite helpful with information on where to acquire black market goods.
The croney minglers at the skate park flipped their emo haircuts and mumbled in contempt at the site of the lost tourist who asked them for directions.
by R. Ceballos May 14, 2007

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