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A term referring to a male Fishs' penis. It's used to make people look like gay fish. Made famous by South Park.
Guy 1: Do you like Fish Sticks?

Guy 2: Yeah!

Guy 1: So, you like to put them in your mouth and chew on them?

Guy 2: Of course!

Guy 1: ..So, you're a gay fish?

Guy 2: ....
by R-Ill April 09, 2009
The act to brutally beat and embarrass the opposite sex.
1) Pimp: Bitch, where's my money! Your two pennies short! -Chris Brown a ho-

2) Soulja Boy: We don't supaa man no-moe, we Chris Brown dat ho! Now watch me youuuu...

3) Girl 1: That guy just called me a hoochie!

Girl 2: Ohhh girrll, time to Chris Brown a Ho.
by R-Ill February 21, 2009
The most viscous, ruthless, and cut-throat High-School sports crowd in California, and maybe even the West Coast. Belonging to the Yuba City High School Honkers, they are the crowd that no team wants to play. They throw In The Occasional Obscenity, And Receive Many Middle Fingers From The Opponents On The Court. Don't Let them get into your players head...they won't ever leave.
1) Player 1: Coach! I can't play! This crowd is about to make me cry!

The Brown Mob (random person): Hey! Fuck you! Get the Hell off of our court!

The Brown Mob (chant): Take a Seat, Take a Seat...
by R-Ill February 21, 2009
The act of making patterns on a scantron during a test, because you don't know the answers.
Dude, that test killed me! I was Making Patterns on the entire front side!
by R-Ill December 21, 2008
A T.V. show or movie involving animals, that is setup to look like a reality show.

A few prime examples of this includes Meerkat Manor, Orangutan Island, Dark Days in Monkey City, and March of the Penguins.
Guy 1: "Dude are you watching Discovery Channel?"

Guy 2: "Yeah! Meerkat Manor is on! It's about the Whisker Family's trouble and struggle."

Guy 1: "Wait... Are those actual animals, WTF are you watching?"

Guy 2: "BeastReality."
by R-Ill May 16, 2009
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