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A legendary and extremely difficult sexual act. It is when a female balances on her shoulder blades propped straight up with her genitals perpendicular with the floor, and she supports the male with her feet. He is parallel with the ground but suspended in air by the female. The female will then proceed to spin the male (while inserted inside her) with her feet, constituting a Reverse Swedish Helicopter.

This works best with a strong female and a weak male.
"What is a reverse swedish helicopter?"

"Dude, its like a swedish helicopter, but reverse."

"That's like impossible."

"Naw I've seen it once. It was pretty epic."
#swedish helicopter #rusty trombone #angry pirate #chili dog #dirty sanchez #strawberry shortcake
by R $money$ February 03, 2009
"Luggin' It" refers to someone who is lugging a large penis around, or possibly lugging multiple girls around. If someone is luggin' it, it means they are pimping it or being a pimp.
Dude, check out Ross making out with those two chicks over there! That fool is finna luggin' it!

We finna lug it all night tonight with the ladies.

Fool we luggin' it.
#luggin #pimp #pimping #lugging #luggin it #lugging it #big dick
by R $money$ July 20, 2008
A person who smokes pot but still exceptionally excels in assorted aspects of life.
"Dude don't smoke pot, it will make you lazy."
"Don't worry man, I'm a phelpster. I've been getting straight A's since I was 5."

"Jon is a phelpster. He smokes a ton of pot but can still run faster than anyone I know."
#pot #smoking #weed #marijuana #michael phelps #dank #pot heat
by R $money$ February 03, 2009
Rims that are a cross between floaters and spinners. They must be at least 22". They consist of a rim with a floating liner and a spinner on top.

The whole rim is heavy, expensive, and complex, yet completes the package for any whip, scrayper, or donk.
"Check out the spoaters on that lifted donk! They must be 26"!"

"There are so many youtube videos of sploaters now."

"Niggas be hatin cus I gizzah put sploaters on ma whip. Fool I'm luggin' it now."
#rims #sploater #sploatas #dubs #donks #whips #scrayper #floaters #spinners #luggin' it
by R $money$ February 03, 2009
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