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Boys who aren't afraid to show their emotions, and if you go out with them, will actually say he loves you. I have much respect to them.
Dark hair covering eyes.
by R*chxx June 29, 2004
Lots of, in abundance, very.

Does not mean 'naked'. Another slang term used by the worthless scum that populates our world.
" You're bare safe"
" Im gonna give him bare beats I told him ya mum and he was like bare scared and she was like whats with the bare beef and I was like lackage of respeck, init, and then he was like nah your my bare safe homie........"
by R*chxx June 29, 2004
Townies think it is the most feared insult in the world or a reply to everything. A common response if a townie says 'ya mum' is to laugh.
" shut up "
" don't worry about it, so's your mum"
by R*chxx June 29, 2004
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