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problem with someone or something that needs to be taken care of or gotten rid of, better if done earlier than later before it spreads everywhere
Wife: I just spent $300 on knick knacks!
Husband: (mutters to himself) fucking bitch is shit on my ass
#dingleberry #pain in the ass #wife #in law #boss #girlfriend
by R Morris August 31, 2006
liquid from the pussy, can be used as lube or to blind someone, some smells nice, some smells bad, nutritious but if has eaten by many can cause vomiting
She rubbed her cunt on his pillow leaving the pussy spit to remember her by.
#gel #spew #spit #lugey #lube
by R Morris August 31, 2006
Ellaboration on moted by adding facial to the end. Usually done to someone after they are put down or embarass themselves; one emphasizes them being "moted" by adding "facial". This is accompanied by a claw shaped hand running down the heckler's face. Commonly used by Bay Areas brats in the 80's.
Boy 1: Whoa! That Burke's bitch is hot!
Boy 2: Shit dumbass! That bitch's got a dick! I think he goes to Town! I guess you're a fag!
Boy 1: Oh, uh...
Boy 2: Moted facial! Faccccceeee!!!
#moded #moted #facial #face #moted facial #moded facial
by R Morris August 31, 2006
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