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Department store that likes to underpay workers. Starting them out at $6.50 an hour. Giving them a 25 cent raise after 90 days and a small yearly raise. The management at Kohls are not on the same page and things never get done correctly to anothers liking. Idiots work here, people who decide to put a combination lock on the dock door that reaches a truck, but never bother to tell another person the combination. The manager decides to try and call the store manager, only to yell at the dock workers for just standing around. The reason, they have nothing to do is because she won't let them break the lock off. Slave drivers, who make there employees steal palletes from other stores and go outside in the cold while they are nice and warm. The managers mostly eat, put on makeup, do their nails, and fix their hair. The managers are all women, because the store is sexist. A place where they make you stay past 12 midnight.
The managers always doing there nails and making up stupid rules like they just read the handbook today. I bet you went shopping at Kohls today.
by Quote the Raven Nevermore December 12, 2005

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