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A hairstyle in which a girl's hair is tousled so that she looks like she lives in a forest or similarly uninhabited area. Extremely sexy. (Budding twigs and leaves can be added for effect as desired.)
Oh shit! Dude, forest hair girl sat next to me in class and I almost creamed my pants. Looks like I'll need to make a trip to the great outdoors...
by Quintus Abraham March 07, 2008
An condition resulting from some type event that makes you so scared you shit yourself.
When the prof caught us talking in class, he flicked us off and yelled at us! I was so freaked that I got the dookie spookies.
by Quintus Abraham March 07, 2008
A sense of longing frustration brought on by something so attractive, pleasing, or ideal that a person can't deal with it. A frightening paradox of pleasure that's so good it must be avoided.

To contrast with negative frustration-based rage types, blissrages are occasionally welcomed or sought out by the rager depending on the situation. They are just as often, however, completely avoided by persons who don't want to risk losing composure in certain circumstances.

Celebrity attractiveness, delicious foods, music, and puzzle solutions are common causes.
Flo from the Progressive commercials has such a hot voice that I can't watch TV because I'll blissrage hard if she comes on. I nearly crushed my remote in sexual anger the last time she said, "happens to me all the time!"
by Quintus Abraham July 01, 2011

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