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2 definitions by Quinntillion

The new kid at school who gets all the attention because the kids all want to know what they're like and whether or not they'll be friends with him/her. Eventually, the "shiny new toy" factor wears off in about a week or two and the kid just becomes a normal student.
Kid #1: Hey, new kid! High five!
Kid #2: High five? Pshh, that's lame. Hey new kid, do I get a hug?
Kid #3: Me too! I want a hug first!
Kid #2: Back off, I saw the kid first!
Teacher: Kids, she is not a shiny new toy! Cut it out!
New kid: Umm...I think I'll just be going to homeroom now...
by Quinntillion April 08, 2009
23 5
A crappy flip-open cell phone (usually used by girls 13 and under) covered with gems and dumb little charms so they can try to make their crappy phone appear fancier, but instead it just looks like the dollar store threw up on it.
Teeny bopper: Oh emm gee! Look at my phone! It's covered with pink and purple gems and has a cute little heart charm on it! I know I don't have the greatest phone, but at least these 25 cent gems will make it look better!

Normal Person: Ick. It's such a Teeny Cell.
by Quinntillion March 16, 2009
18 3