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A purported "documentary" which presents a one sided view with MANY inaccuracies and out and out lies. It is so riddled with half truths and lies, it should be called a "mockumentary."
"Fahrenheit 9/11"is a propagandist mockumentary that tries to pass itself off as truth.
by Quinn November 02, 2004
a song sung by the coolest fucker known to man...gellieman...much props brother, you really pulled it off!!!

originally sung by outlandish, but who the hell cares about them? cool ass white boys with acne kick ass!!
so sweet, so beautiful, and everyday like a queen on her throne, dont no body knows how she feels, aicha lady one day you'll be real, she moves, she moves like a breeze, i swear i cant get her out of my dreams, to have her shining right here by my side, i'd sacrefice all the tears in my eyes, WOO WOO WOOO, aicha aicha passing me by, there she go again...aicha aicha, my my myyyy OOOOOH, aicha aicha smile for me now, I DONT KNOW I DONT KNOWWWW, aicha in my lifeeeeee
by quinn May 20, 2004
v. To be extremely handsome and attractive
"Wow, you are so very patera. Wanna make out?"
by Quinn January 01, 2005
Stolen from or slighted by when it comes to the buying of selling drugs.
Dave thought he bought cocaine but he was beat. It was just baby powder.
by Quinn December 23, 2003
people who are very, very homosexual
"buy one, get one free" are a bunch of raging ho-ho specials.
by quinn July 23, 2003
College of Dupage
COD is a great junior college. Yep.
by Quinn June 03, 2004
bad, lame, boring
Damn that party was hump.
by Quinn December 23, 2003
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