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When your buddy calls you up from a bar because there's more women for him to handle on his own and he wants you there to divert some of the estrogen flow.
Chewie called me up from EPSN Zone because he was with two hot Asian chicks and wanted to spread the wealth. What an act of Vaginal philanthropy!
#vagina #philanthropy #spread #wealth #philanthropist
by Quinmill August 21, 2007
Used in place of "Warpath" when going out to score some booty.
Braves on the Whorepath, slay in old D.C.!
run and touch and score I want a lot more.
#warpath #whore #slut #booty #teaberry
by Quinmill September 27, 2007
to urinate in someone's ear and dip your scrotum in the newly created reservoir.
I went to the doctor to complain of an ear infection resulting from the tea berry I received last week. Little did I know there were a few non-identifiable hairs causing the infection
#tea #berry #teaberry #bag #scrotum #balls
by Quinmill August 31, 2007
Helping one of your not-so-good buddies out by taking his not-so-good-looking girl friends home so she stops complaining about a lack of ass.
I think my karma bucket is overflowing from all the girls I've been charity banging lately
#sex #bang #charity #hump #pork
by Quinmill October 19, 2007
Obviously the term for sleeping with someone you don't want a long term relationship with, but find necessary to keep yourself in hormonal harmony
Howeigh found Davey's personality to be utterly reprehensible but continued to use him as a source of subsistence nookie.
#subsitence #nokie #nookie #howeigh #geigh
by Quinmill August 07, 2008
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