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A Suburb of Springfield, MA. One of the most affluent in Western Massachusetts. The schools are excellent. The athletic department in the high school is excellent. However, the music program is far better. The only reason people move to Longmeadow is for the school system. Due to the supposedly excellent school system, some people can get into Ivy League schools even if they have the IQ of a bumblebee. Typically a resident, known as a Longmeadowite is to wear a female colored polo with a popped collar if male, and uggs if female. The most popular cars in the area tend to be Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volvo, and lots of minivans. Everything is centered towards the high school. Pee-Wee Lacrosse here is taken more seriously than Pee-Wee Soccer. The town is reportedly 40 percent Jewish.
Longmeadow is south of Springfield, MA, West of East Longmeadow, North of Enfield, East of Agawam.
by Quince-Daddy-Payne July 16, 2009

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