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a females boy toy that is there to perform not to think. One that never argues when given a command by a female his only response is Oh K.
Girl says:" Hey you can you fill up my drink and while you're there clean up the kitchen and make sure I'm satisfied in how the job is done"

Neck down device says: Oh K
by Quimmy650 August 22, 2009
Those bruises on your body that happened in the heat of the moment. You don't even know that they're there until your coworker on Monday morning says "Oh my god, what happened to your arms".
Friend says: "how'd you get all those fingerprint bruises?"

Friend of the friend says: "By having the time of my life!!!!"
by Quimmy650 August 22, 2009
1.One that gets their ear talked off by a subject that they could care less about, therefore, they pretend to listen by using certain words that make it sound like they're listening but in fact they are not paying attention at all.

2.Someone who spends their life in their own little world and just grasps one or two words from a conversation to throw back so people actually think they were listening. They actually have no idea what anyone was talking about nor do they care.
Guy/Girl says: "I'm so glad that I got to talk to you right now because there are so many thing that you must hear about in my life right now."

Non-listener guy/girl says: " Mmm Hmm Mmm Hmm I Understand.

Girl/Guy says: " Do you really."

Non-listener guy/girl says: "I think I do"
by Quimmy650 August 22, 2009
A loud talker who only cares about their opinion and never listens to anyone else. Knows everything about everything, but in fact really knows nothing.
The whole party was taken over by that one jaw me down. I don't think anyone else got to say a word.
by Quimmy650 August 22, 2009

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