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1. A large city with lots of people and traffic.
2. A big office or apartment building with 24/7 activity
As my vacation was coming to and end, I realized that it was time to go back to the Cement Beehive
by Quilly The Porcupine April 22, 2009
A person who is highly stressed out.
1. Worked sucked today, my boss got me all quilled out about the project deadline.
2. I talked to steve today and he is all quilled out because his girlfriend wrecked his car.
by Quilly The Porcupine April 22, 2009
Getting high
I got so fluffed up last night after smoking that weed
by Quilly the Porcupine April 29, 2009
A place of storage that is overflowing or crowded with collected items that one may or may not ever use again.
(mostly used in referral to a remote storage building or area)
I need to go to my Cramalot to find some winter clothes but it so full of stuff that it will take me at least an hour to find the right box
by Quilly the Porcupine April 29, 2009
A driving maneuver where one makes a U turn and then changes their mind
I had to make a U turn to go back to the house but then I changed my mind so I made O turn
by Quilly the Porcupine April 28, 2009
Having a bailout plan when going on a blind date in case he or she is not what you expected and you do not want to spend the entire evening with them.
I had my friend call me at at a pre-arranged time when I went out on my blind date to see if I needed a date bail
by Quilly The Porcupine May 26, 2009
Any kind of low budget alcohol drank out of desperation at a party after all the good booze is gone.
Mark: Any beer left?
Janet: No, but I think there is a couple of bottles of penis grease upstairs in the pantry
by Quilly the Porcupine April 29, 2009

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