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(noun) fuck; damn, mothafucka........... it originated from the old times in Jamaica when it was refered to the cloth that women used to cleanse themselves with when they had their period. If a women despised you then she would throw her cloth at you symbolizing that you were the epitome of scum and were "cursed".As for the "clot" its a mispronounciation of Jamaicans because of their lack of the sound "th" hence clot=cloth. See bloodclot.
Damn dat boy ....... he played me , Bumbleclot!!
by Queens NY July 08, 2005
It does not refer to having sexual intercourse with girls at all but it refers to engaging in a serious fight between two people or a group of people.
Yo son why you pressin me for? Wanna bang out ma N***a!!?
by Queens NY July 07, 2005
a term and an organization that began in a prison in Chicago in the 60's because of oppressed blacks in the penitentuary. It is a term used by blacks to refer to each other.It symbolizes they were in the same cause or struggle so hence they would be "blood" brothers. It has now branched to be a major gang in major urban areas all over the United States and primarily was thought to begun in Compton, California.
What up blood, wats the done deal>?
by Queens NY July 07, 2005
(noun) poop; waste , feces
eat kaka motha trucka!
by Queens NY July 08, 2005
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