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When you light another person's or your next cigarette with your own lit cigarette.

She lit her boyfriend's cigarette with her own and handed it to him.
"Oh, cigarette kiss," he said.
by QueenofKings July 29, 2008
1. glombed on.
When a person inserts himself into a group activity when he hasn't been officially invited.

2. glombed on. To get a ride from someone who is going to an event after finding out that another person is driving there and other people you know are going in their car.
He glombed on to the group of kids going to see the movie.

She glombed on a ride from Robert when she found out he was driving Alicia and Will to the Radiohead concert.
by QueenofKings May 26, 2009
Smexxxy is something that is so smexy that it generates spontaneous orgasms when you look at it or think about it. Something so hot that it's triple X-rated.

2. A person who is so extremely hot that he or she is absolutely the sex. Causes a virtual orgasmic response. Term widely used on Live Journal.
Johnny Depp movies are completely smexxxy.

Ville Valo is totally smexxxy when he takes his shirt off during a concert or photo shoot. Actually Ville Valo is just smexxxy all the time.
by QueenofKings June 07, 2009

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