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for some reson BFF is the acronym for Best Friends Forever.
but don't it look like 'Best Fucking Friend'? i think so.

BFF = Best Fucking Friend

B = best
F = fucking
F = friend
"dude, you rock! you're the bff (best fucking friend) i've ever had!!!"
by Queen of the Underworld September 21, 2006
1.) a person who listens to rap, hip-hop or something and trying to pretend that he's a metalhead, and so he acts gay whenever he's trying to act like a metalhead... so sad... hahahhahahah. kinda simmilar to 'poser'. prolly trying hard to be a metalhead/punk or something.

2.) a person who used to be a metalhead converted into a fucking hip-hop person.

3.) someone who totally turned thier back on being a metalhead and started listening to a fucking hip-hop music...
him: *listening to hip-hop*
her: "what the fuck are you listening to???"
him: "oh! uhhh..." *slammed the radio to the floor*
"i wasn't listening to it...(LIE)"
her: "koookie then play some Children of Bodom or Lamb of God!"
him: *head banging sooo HARD while listening to Punch Me I Bleed by COB*
her: *she looks at him in a wierd way* "you are sucha GAYCORE!"
by Queen of the Underworld September 21, 2006
a combination of: retarted, idiot, wierd, dork, etc., and not to be responded.
"you are retorical!"
by Queen of the Underworld September 21, 2006
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