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The result when a male Lion and a female Tiger breed. Male ligers are usually infertile, but females have been proven to give birth to li-ligers (3/4 Lion <Lion father> 1/4 Tiger <Liger mother>).

Ligers became stupidly-popular since Napoleon Dinomite was released. Since then, anyone who saw another person drawing any type of feline was tormented by others, their work being mocked by them asking over and over, "Is that a liger? Is that a liger?"

Ligers were not only bred for use in magic. In big-cat farms, where lions and tigers and other types of big cats (such as leopards, jaguars, moutain lions, ect.,) are held, and if lions and tigers are kept in the same cage, something will happen eventually.

Ligers are normally much larger than both lions and tigers and are reported as the largest big-cats ever. From nose to tail, the liger may be up to 12 feet long. Male ligers will normally grow a blond-brown mane. Both male and female ligers will have some sort of stripe pattern down their back and possilby limbs. There have been no reported fertile males, thus, ligers haven't been able to reproduce with their own species.
You need an example after that explanation. LIKE HELL!
by Queen McKay February 23, 2005
A tigon is the mix between an male Tiger and a female Lion. Tigons are usually smaller than both tigers and lions.

In the majority of tigon or liger births is due to illegal zoos keeping lions and tigers together in the same cage.

---Please, quit refering to Napoleon Dynomite everytime you see the words "tigon" or "liger". It's annoying and agrivating to the people who have actually researched on these beautiful creatures.---
That poor tigon was rescued from the big cat farm yesterday.
by Queen McKay March 21, 2005
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