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An utterly hipster doofus! Often compared to a "Sack O' Shit" for his lack of brains. Besides that can usually get pretty damn crunk!
The Robsta: What do you call the two mexican fire fighters??......Hose A and Hose B!!!!

Eddie: You douche bag!!!!
by Queen La Queefa March 17, 2005
Flabby foreskin above the pussy region. Sometimes apperance is celulitic.
Jayne: What is that saggy lump hanging over her pants?
Cheryl: oh that is her fat gunt.
by Queen La Queefa December 10, 2002
A prostitute (generally a girl) who fucks for free.
Daaaaayyyaaammm Bobbi da gimp just slobbed on my knob fo' NUTTIN...
by Queen La Queefa May 10, 2005
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