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a female version of a player

can play in several different ways:
a) have multiple boyfriends with or without them knowing about each other
b) lead many different guys but never actually commit
c) goes from guy to guy

but it all comes down to having the guys pussy whipped and have them do whatever you want them to
a: damn she fine
b: be careful she's a playette
by queen bee November 21, 2003
Often associated with the area of North Carolina when soldiers and settlers would walk through the piedmont region and their feet would become covered in tar. Thus the term "tarnation"
What in tarnation is going on here?!

Where in tarnation is the wheel to my trailer!?
by Queen Bee May 13, 2003
HPC...where people go and talk about everything but Harry Potter. The chat conversations usually are about sex, drugs, alcohol, homos, and other crap.
n00b1- EWW!111
reg2- stfu n00b. kthxbi.
by Queen Bee January 16, 2005
This advanced sexual act, performed on the few deserving of such rare & exciting experiences, involves the following: 2 hot sweaty bodies + Glow in the dark accessories + Amazing moves = Rockin your world to unfathomable realms
Scott dreams daily about doing 'the Rossi' but knows it will never happen thus resorting to inadequate sluts.
by Queen Bee March 28, 2005
Something that Hunter does every night.
Hunter told Josh and I that he splurges everynight. He wishes that some girl will someday do it for him.
by Queen Bee March 31, 2003
A 16 year old totally snog worthy guy who started acting because of a friend of the family at a very early stage of childhood. Who will marry me in the near future. No one else. Me. Because I am the Queen of the rampaging post-it notes.
by Queen Bee September 23, 2003
Deadly alcohol build-up.
Caused by consuming excessive amounts of alcohol in a very short period of time. May cause changes in your personality such as funniness, crying, and nasty, lowered inhibitions. May also create physical problems such as vomiting.
After all of the drinking we did last night I had some wicked DAB so I helped Rudy relieve himself of his DSB.
by QUEEN BEE July 22, 2004

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