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When your poop reaches or goes into the water of the toilet bowl before leaving the anus

Multi-dooper: when you have more than one dooper consecutively in the same sitting
Dude i just had a huge dooper.
I doopered it.
That toilet is so deep it would be impossible to dooper in that.
by Quedal Sensai March 01, 2008
a black albino midget or dwarf who can smoke or otherwise inhale through the anus

everyone has quedalmorph abilities;
there are ten stages or levels of quedalmorphs
1. you are human
2. you can whipe your own butt
3. you have worn an adult diaper
4. you are above the age of 16
5. you have had diareah for a week straight
6. you have multi doopers on a regular basis
7. you have swallowed a nail
8. you eat dingo babies
9. you have experienced the wild banshee
10. you are dead

for all of these levels you must have completed the previous levels to advance.

you can be demoted at any time for doing anything stupid but only by a higher level than yourself
That quedalmorph knows how to hook you up.

The quedalmorph at McDonalds can hook you up.

Hes a level 9 quedalmorph makin someone happy.
by Quedal Sensai March 01, 2008
a sex position aso known as muddy butt sex

which involves the male reproductive organ entering the female anus
Hey lets go wild banshee tonight
Im having me some wild banshee on my wedding night
by Quedal Sensai March 01, 2008

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