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Kirkcaldy is a 'community' in the same way a prison island for the criminally insane is also a 'community' not to mention is also the final resting place of Satan.

It is situated along the rusted trolly ridden coastline of the county of Fife in the post apocalyptic wasteland of Scotland.

Local past times include heroin, alcoholism, pregnancy, begging and aggressive homophobia and racism, STD trading parties (or as the locals like to call it "goin oot clubbin lod" .

These valued traditions are fiercely defended by its core community, much in the same way 2 homeless men will fight to the death over a piss stained cardboard box.

For the most part the people of Kirkcaldy are contorted and inbred psychopaths who sound like pirates and smell of cigars and damp socks.

Perhaps the one thing that unites all of the people of Kirkcaldy is their utter disgust for Glenrothes. Which is the nearest town and can best be described as 'Kirkcaldy but with lot's of round-a-bouts'.
"My car almost broke down in Kirkcaldy, thank god it didn't though."

"This junkie harassed me for 20p at Kirkcaldy bus station."

"I went out clubbing in Kirkcaldy with my girlfriend. Some guy stuck his hand up her dress and called her a slut and punched her in the face. When I objected 2 men stinking of buckfast held me down while he cut off my arms with a machete, the bouncers did not intervene instead stood around laughing and selling drugs to 14 year old girls"

"My parents were planning on moving the family to Kirkcaldy, so I killed myself"

Guy 1 "look, Kirkcaldy is on fire"
Guy 2 "good"
by Quantum Leap March 18, 2011

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