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A standard unit of measurement used to quantify exactly how much you care about someone's petty problems

20/760 Watts = 1 fuck

Conversion based upon penalizing people who say “I give no fucks” for their phrasing. The number NO in the duotrigesimal number system corresponds to 23*32^1 + 24*32^0, or 760 in the decimal system. This along with the average power of the human brain (20 Watts) leads me to say that 20/760 Watts = 1 fuck. So if someone were to say “I give NO fucks about your problem” what they’re really saying is “I am devoting the full power of my brain to solving your problem”
Person 1: "I give approximately 732.47 fucks"

Person 2: "Wow, your really putting some effort into this."
by Quantify this bitch November 16, 2012

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