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Someone who might be cute in every day life, but has become exceptionally more attractive because of the lack of other options at your place of work.

Being stuck in work tends to add points in the "out of ten" rating system.
Mark: Those pinstripe pants sure are working for Sandy's office ass.

Nick: Yeah she's office cute anyway, so that's a bonus.
by Qreatin August 14, 2009
1.) Working together to a common goal, but for totally different reasons.

2.) Groups of cubicle workers forced to work together that cannot stand each other. The goal of a manager forcing collaboration is to get results, but it usually ends up involving HR or therapy.
John: Man, Steve is such a douche bag.

Mike: I know. I have to collaborhate with him on the upcoming marketing demo. I keep avoiding it hoping he'll just get fired or die.
by Qreatin December 03, 2010
1. A steady girl you are sleeping with, maybe monogamous, but not necessarily committed to for the long term. Could be classified as a summer romance, or a spring break hook up.
John: Have you heard about Larry's girlfling?
Jack: Yeah. Shes apparently great in bed, goes home in the morning, and isn't all clingy.
by Qreatin January 20, 2012

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