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One who loves to eat cucumbers and tangerenes, but cannot peel them. Known for an assortmant of cool shoes.
Dude, u like cucumbers? U r so Carolyn!

U have cool shoes, u must be a Carolyn!
by Qofi December 11, 2007
Code name for a really hot guy who is second on your list but sometimes deserves to be first.
Quimsy: Hey
Girl: Ur hot.
by Qofi December 11, 2007
That one weird kid with the unbearably long last name who just happens to always sit behind you.
Constontopolis: Hi Hillary.
Hillary: u suck
by Qofi December 11, 2007
A twitchy hippy with a constant spasm in the left arm. Hair length ranges from down to the floor to as long as Ronnie Winter's from the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.
Cecilia: Like, let's save the world!

Fred: Hmmmmm... u must be a Cecilia.

by Qofi December 11, 2007

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