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the MC is where Langley is located, which is where the OC is based off
man, i tell ya, im gonna miss the MC
by QiRhOt December 13, 2004
to be sexiled is to be exiled from ones dorm or house due to the rampant making of sex.
man, i got sexiled, i wish i fuckin didnt room with a porn star, goddamn what was i thinking
by QiRhOt December 13, 2004
proably the most popular show that is appearently very addictive, that is based off of Langley High School, most of it is actually fairly accurate, minus all awkward moments, they jus seem to hookup immeaditly after getting dumped or dumping someone,
dood, did you see the OC last night, it was cruc(crucial)that shitt was about mee!!!
by QiRhOt December 13, 2004
skeet, to shat upon ones bitch, or to simply bust a nutt all ovr her
shitt son, i fuckin skeeted all the fuck over that bitch, i pwnt her
by QiRhOt December 13, 2004
the largest non-lethal cult in the known world(as of yet, im still waiting) something like 10,000 culteeers go there each sunday to be sodomized on mass scale.
d00d did u hear, some fucker donated their yearly taive of fuckin $13 mil, what the fuck, if that dont seal it as a cult, what the fuck does?
by QiRhOt December 13, 2004
swaat, simular to skeet but with the sweat off ones balls,
T:wow dood, did you hear, soul got swaat upon las night
E:wtf!?!? by who?
T: By ME, ya what the fuck ya kno ya boi fuckin rocked that bitch out
by QiRhOt December 13, 2004
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