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Semper Fi, adopted in 1883, is the U.S. Marine Corps motto. It's short for Semper Fidelis, which is latin for "Always Faithful." To many Marines, Semper Fi, is not just a phrase but a way of life-the commitment that they all share to their community, to their Corps, and to eachother. It's why there are no ex-Marines, only former Marines.
Cesar: I love the Marine Corps so much, that I got a tattoo of their emblem.
Josh: Semper Fi!
by Qbansnowman November 18, 2005
The name used to represent all "bad" sailors in the U.S. Navy, especially when you don't want to give away their name or don't remember it.
And then I walked in and found Seaman Smedlock performing a human vacuum on another guy smoking marijuana in the Radar Department.
by QbanSnowman November 15, 2005

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